Honey I'm Going Natural

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What will they think...

When you share with others (and especially with your significant other) that you are considering going Natural, prepare your mind for possible negative feedback. Don't base your decision on what others say. This is a change that will require a long-term commitment in order to achieving your hairs healthiest state. It doesn't mean you should never straighten or use chemicals after doing so. But when you do, your hair will look and feel healthy. For that reason, many feel that Natural hair has been liberating so don't knock it until you have tried it for yourself.

Who said it was easy?

Making the conversion from Relaxed Hair to Natural is more than a notion. It's very much a culture shock embracing the real you after having been mentally brain washed by straight hair for so long. Don't be surprised if you experience some self-loathing in the beginning phase of growing out your hair. This is very common and should pass overtime. But if for some reason these feelings never go away don't be ashamed to go back to relaxed hair as long (as it hasn’t caused damage to your hair). In the meantime, wearing protective styles such as tight roller-sets, flexi rod sets, braids and weaves until the process is over pays off in the long run. Stay Positive, this is a New Life for you.


Talk with those who believe that your going Natural is wonderful. They will be your support on this journey. Patience will keep you from returning to chemically straightening your hair. Search for images of Natural hair styles that you could see yourself with and make that your hair goal to keep you excited about your new look!

Just Cut it off?

The Big Chop isn't for everyone and don't feel you have to do that in order to go Natural. Some of us like to ease into a change while others can dive in. Decide if you are patient enough to allow your hair to grow-out, while gradually trimming off the relaxed hair on the ends. This phase can be the most difficult, because of the changes you see in the mirror and the struggles of learning your hair all over again. It’s no fun having to deal with 2 textures of hair. But for those who persevere, a new you will emerge. "You Make the Hair, The Hair Doesn't Make You".


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