Stress & Hair Damage

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STRESS is the cause of many ailments in our American culture. We underestimate just how much stress we are under. The hopes, dreams and joys of life take us to places of unexpected outcomes. We learn to take the good with the bad as our lifestyles change. Over time, we build up a mental immunity to pressure, failures, disappointment, and unhappiness. Have you taken the time to notice the changes stress brings to your hair? The cause of Hair Stress often goes unnoticed because it shows up in the aftermath of a stressful situation. It can take 2-15 months before noticing changes in the hair, leaving you to speculation as to what could be the cause of your breakage. 

Moisture is key when caring for our hair, especially for those who live in dry climates. Purchase products based on your hair needs and the styles you want to achieve. For instance, say you decide to wear your hair in a straight, flowy style. You shouldn’t buy a moisture cream to rub on as a daily upkeep; instead, use a light oil spray. It will help you maintain body and bounce. Styles like Afro Puffs go well with creamy moisturizers and hair heavy oils because Afros tend to dry out immediately. Using heavy oils will keep Afros from excessive tangling. Finding the right balance of moisturizing products to add to your hair (no matter if your style is straight or in its Natural texture) will keep you from constantly stressing it. Also, try not to over style your hair to maintain a “fresh look”. Daily use of heat to keep straight styles leads to thin ends. Even re-twisting or resetting Natural twist styles daily leads to split-ends, breakage, and stunted hair growth (due to the daily combing and detangling). Hair thrives best when left alone and it eliminates the stress. 

Hot Flashes & Work Out Sweat

Hormones play a major role in the health of your hair. As we get older, the balance of our hormones change causing the hair to thin or become finer in texture. Along with this process, many experience hot flashes or night sweats. Our hair reacts to the sweat we produce, thus making it difficult to maintain healthy, stylish hair. This also holds true for those of us who work out regularly, producing sweat on the hair often. Due to the salt content in sweat, it can do much damage to our ends if left in the hair over several days. This is why it’s important to use moisturizing products to protect the hair from salty sweat. Once a woman reaches her hormone changing stage of life, it's best to consider no longer using a relaxer to straighten the hair because it adds to your chances of having hair damage. You don't have to get rid of using chemicals all together, but it's important to use a technique that agrees with your hormone change or workout plan. 

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