Family Cross Grade Hair Issues

Having diverse hair textures in a family can make finding the right hair products for everyone a chore. Not to mention there is a common type of hair amongst black people and people of color that is called a Cross Grade. This means your whole head has 2 or 3 different textures of hair in it. Here’s an example: the crown of your head may have thick and bushy or tightly coiled hair, the frontal region of your head (near your edges) has loose, frizzy curls and the very back of your head has smooth and finer hair. One product may work well in the back of your head, but not as great in the front (or vice versa).

All Hair Is Not Created Equal

Whether you are Black or Mixed/Multiracial, Cross Grade hair can take time to master. When looking for products that the whole family can use, it’s important to consider all the hair textures involved. No two people have the exact same head of hair in any family. Making sure to choose products with hydration, moisture, softness, and frizz control will guarantee the entire family will benefit from them. 

His, Her's, Ours

A lot of times, it’s just a matter of buying good-quality products and learning what amounts each person should use on their hair to get the results they want. Technique matters! You don’t want to use a heavy oil on fine hair, nor do you want to use a light oil on thick hair. In the case of the example I used before, it would be wise to purchase an oil that starts out light and becomes heavier with how often you use it. Purchasing hair products that offer the conditioning qualities I mentioned before will not only save you frustration and time, but space on your countertops!


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