Being a Licensed Cosmetologist of 30+ years makes me a "Therapist" in disguise. LOL! Taking time to understand my customer's hair concerns helped me build Majesty into a better brand. I encourage those who do their hair from home by giving them simple hair tips they can live by.  I know, sometimes, it's confusing knowing what you need for your hair type. Helping you achieve healthy, hair goals without exhausting your time and money is my way of saying thank you for your support. 

Fun facts about me...

When I'm not in the salon, shipping Majesty products, or providing hair consultations, I am a weekend movie buff and foodie. However, I do work out and pamper myself by swimming or getting a full body massage. Relieving stress helps healthy hair to thrive.     


Majesty means, "Supreme greatness, authority, and sovereignty: All paid tribute to the Majesty of God." He is the highest place I go to for inspiration and to discover my greatness, and that is how Majesty was started. I designed Majesty products from the knowledge I've gained from caring for our various hair types. My moisturizing and hydrating products are high-quality, at a low price so that you can achieve that healthy, salon look from home. Majesty Hair Care embodies my goal of enhancing the Natural beauty of our CROWNS



The Majesty slogan, "Transforming the Way We View Our Hair," evokes empowerment among peoples of various ethnicities to look beyond society's views of "good and bad hair" and embrace healthy hair supported by healthy lifestyles. Our slogan is a testimony to my products. Ethnic people didn't always have hair products made to complement their Natural hair textures. This is one reason why they used harsh chemicals that  completely stripped their Natural curl patterns. This process carried on over the years, which prevented us from appreciating our Natural hair. We have products for all hair types.  I design Majesty products to moisturize and hydrate the hair to accentuate our beautiful, Natural hair textures!



Majesty Hair Care offers wholesale pricing to Wholesalers and Retailers.
We take pride in partnering with other Small Businesses dedicated to helping build reputable Brands.
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