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           Cut Vs. Trim


Keeping the ends of your hair healthy with regular trims should be a priority. Hairstyles are easier to achieve when the ends are shaped. Too often, we go months without trimming. Or when we do get a trim, it’s not done correctly. Improper trimming is when the hair is combed flat and trimmed around the perimeter only. A proper trim is when the hair is trimmed flat and then pulled out from the head to be trimmed throughout. Longer hair is the most neglected when it comes to good trims because it is normally all one layer, and the inside strands are avoided.  

                                                                                                                                                                          Which one do I need?

When Maintaining a Haircut: If your hair grows slow to moderate, trimming every 8 weeks will keep your haircut looking sharp. Fast-growing hair should be trimmed monthly or every 6 weeks. 

How do you know when your hair is beyond needing a trim vs. a cut? Give yourself the “white paper test”. Part your hair into 4 sections with a part down the middle and across the top, ear to ear. Clip up 3 sections, leaving one section down. Split that section into 2, a top and bottom. Then slide a white sheet of paper through the middle of them (like a sandwich). Take a comb and smooth the top section of hair over the paper so that you can get a good look at your ends. If you can see the white paper through the ends of your hair, this means you have split-ends that need to be trimmed off. When the see-through area reaches 2 or more inches, it is past-time for a trim and you now need to do a haircut. A haircut will stop split-ends from thinning out your hair, giving you a fresh start to growing fuller, healthier hair!