How To Avoid

Hair Thinning 

The number one complaint about hair as we age is THINNING. Darn! Those hormones are busy reminding us that changes are happening. The truth didn’t just start. Looking back at your childhood to now should make you notice that your hair was already becoming thinner over time. Youth keeps us from taking notice. Hair loss becomes more apparent as we approach our 40s, 50s, and 60s. When we don’t take the time to listen to our bodies, more damage will occur.

We shouldn’t treat our 50-year-old head of hair the way we did our 35-year-old head of hair. Overusing gel, spritz, high alcohol products, heat, or wearing tight scarves is asking for thinning hair.

Wigs and sew-ins have been known to grow the hair but not if it pulls at your edges from having tons of hair added. When adding in hair, try to keep the thickness as close to that of your natural hair if possible.

Safe ways to maintain the fullness of aging hair...gracefully:

1. Use the least amount of products as possible to make your hairstyles look good.
2. Let your hair rest from time to time with protective styles that don’t require adding a lot of extensions or daily combing.
3. Find hairstyles that hold up well from shampoo to shampoo and wear them repeatedly.
4. Increase the moisture and body in your hair with good hair products, foods, supplements, or topicals.
5. Decrease the use of chemicals on your hair when possible.
6. Use a massager on your scalp daily to stimulate blood flow and loosen tension.
7. If all else fails...go Natural to keep the hair and follicles left healthy.