Color Me Permanently


The summer season is the perfect time to dabble in some permanent COLOR! Hair coloring is a way to enhance our complexion and attitude. Many of us get tired of looking the same, day after day. If you find that you feel the need for something new (but don't want to change your hairstyle), try a little COLOR. Enhancing your complexion with soft highlights around the face or getting a completely lighter shade all over will bring out your inner 'Miss Thang!' Choosing color to soften your complexion depends on your skin’s undertone. Skin Undertones and Hair Color Undertones fall within the same categories. The categories are: Warm tones = yellow and gold, Cool tones = blue, pink, red, and Neutral tones = a mixture of Warm and Cool tones.

Darkening your hair or using semi-permanent color is safer than permanent lightening. These darker colors deposit into the hair, making it look shinier and healthier by hiding the hair's flaws.

There have been horror stories centered around getting lighter hair colors. If this is your first time lightening, start with a color that is just 3-4 shades lighter than your own hair color. Adding highlights slowly is always best. Keep in mind that your hair may be stripped, loosened, or dry for a few weeks after lightening it with permanent color or bleach. In normal circumstances, the hair will return to its original state (as long as you do not abuse coloring or bleaching).

 Moisturize and Oil your hair for 30 days after getting color to prevent dryness and breakage. Stop wearing ponytails for the first 2 months after coloring/bleaching hair to prevent breakage. Get trims and avoid extra heat by opting to wear natural styles, protective styles, or rod/roller sets during this period of 30-60 days.


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