There's a Solution for

Written by Lady Majesty

It is no secret that countless Natural hair wearers have done the “Big Chop” initiation. However, they have come to find out that after 8" of new growth, their hair still looks every bit of 3" long (on a good day)! Kudos to those of you who have hung in there and gained your Goddess Crown of tight, Natural curls!

As for the rest of us we are still struggling to gain length after trying protective styles and natural hair regimens. The hair is not the problem…but sometimes our lack of patience, time, and personal hair knowledge is.

There is a quick fix for those of you struggling with the tightness of your curl pattern! You can consider Softening your Natural Hair so that it gives you STRETCH, MANAGEABILITY, and requires the use of FEWER PRODUCTS!

Softening has been around for quite some time. In fact, you have probably done it to your own hair in different ways without realizing it. When stretching your hair into daily ponytails or straightening it with heat to wear into a different style, you are breaking down the sulfur bonds that gives your hair its curl pattern.

Softening does the same by using a relaxer chemical as a conditioner on the hair. It is nothing like a straightener because you are only making your natural curl fuller and slightly bigger. Softeners don't require toughing the scalp or being combed through the hair...nor do you have to regularly get it retouched. Many get it done just once to get over the hump of growing length, or 2-3 times a year until their hair grows out long, then they stop. If you decide to use a Softener, consult with a professional stylist first. Enjoy the stretch softening gives while staying in a Natural style!