STRESS And Hair Damage

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STRESS is the cause of many ailments in our American culture.

We underestimate just how much Stress we are under. The hopes, dreams and joys of life take us to places of unexpected outcomes. We learn to take the good with the bad as our lifestyles change. Over time, we build up a mental immunity to pressure, failures, disappointment and unhappiness. 

Have you taken time to notice the changes STRESS brings to your HAIR? 

The cause of Hair Stress often goes unnoticed because it shows up in the aftermath of a stressful situation. Depending on the type of stress, it can take 2-15 months before noticing changes in the hair. This duration of time can leave you speculating what could be causing your breakage. 

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What can be done about Hair damage caused by STRESS

Sadly, there’s no quick fix for the causes of Hair Stress. However, working to lighten your day-to-day responsibilities along with good mental health practices for the mind, body and soul will bring good results down the line. In the meantime, getting a new hairstyle or cut to camouflage the weak areas until the hair is healthy again works wonders! Also, try not to stress over your hair issue, as this will only delay the recovery process. Lastly, beware of picking at the stress spot. For some, this is a bad habit that only stunts hair growth. 


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