Is Texturizing the Best of Both Worlds?  


Texturizing is the alternative chemical for those who no longer want to use relaxers but still want a looser texture. It leaves the hair with a more manageable curl texture, unlike a relaxer that removes all the curl pattern. Some opt for getting texturizers once they notice their hair starting to weaken or thin from having a relaxer. Texturizing shortens the time spent on your wash-day routine because the hair is not as thick. Although this style is mostly worn curly, it’s great for straight styles as well. Being able to choose between a wash n’ go or a quick iron-out is why people say texturizing gives you the best of both worlds!

What Makes it Different?

Texturizing does require retouching, and how often you touch up is based on personal preference (depending on your hair length, natural texture, and thickness). Unlike relaxers, a texturizer doesn’t permanently loosen the hair unless you do it repeatedly or use a relaxer chemical for the process. Normally, on short haircuts, a texturizer touch-up is done every 6–8 weeks. For long hair, a touch-up is done every 3-6 months. Texturizers on long hair are great for defining curls and removing frizz. You don’t have to ever retouch unless it's desired!

Unlike the infamous "Jerry Curl," the texturizer is not oily, and it can be styled in various ways without causing breakage. However, there is one drawback. It has to be wetted down in order to get fresh-looking curls every day. This might not be your best option during the winter months, but it's perfect for the summer. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wear it in curls. You can do roller sets, wraps, protective styles, braids, loose twists, etc. The options are endless!