Hair to Fit Your Lifestyle

While getting those extra pounds off or just keeping our bodies in good condition, let's not forget about the HAIR! The summer heat has many needing the right style to keep them cool. Coming up with ideas for hair styles may not come easily, but make sure your style works for your lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

Sweating several times a week is hard on both our hair AND the style, as well. Shampooing daily is really not a good option for most of us, so instead, consider a cold-wash between shampoos to remove the salty sweat. Also consider NATURAL STYLES, WEAVES, LOCKS, TEXTURIZERS, and BRAIDS. These are a great solution for someone who loves working out.

Busy Lifestyle

Dedicated mothers work around to clock to balance their days. While the desire to keep up with your appearance matters, it is often put aside... and before you know it, you are in a rut. Carefree hair styles such as ROD SETS, PONYTAILS, SHORT AFROS, TWO STRAND TWISTS or TWIST OUTS can break that rut and give you extra time to get ready for your day.

 Professional Lifestyle

The corporate woman might have a different approach depending on her hair styling skills. Some vouch for the infamous RELAXER while another decides on a nice shape to complement their NATURAL TEXTURE of hair. Find a way to make your hair journey as carefree as possible while expressing your beautiful!


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