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               CURLS RULE!

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Natural Hair Curl patterns are a BIG subject today.

In spite of having various curl patterns from person to person, we also have to consider having cross-grades of curls on one head of hair. Some complain that the curls in the back of their head is much tighter, while the front has a perfect spiral (or vice versa). No head of hair is the same, what works for some may not work for others. Knowing what's best for your Natural Hair Curls can be frustrating and costly. There are numerous YouTube tutorials offering product demonstrations to help you along the way. One rule of thumb when it comes to curls is to make Moisture your best-friend. The more moisture, the better behaving the curls will be.        


Black hair requires Moisture for curls to look their best. Moisture doesn’t always mean use more oil. It could simply be that your hair type needs shampoo and conditioners that have higher amounts of hydration. Hydration opens the cuticle layers and allows for oils to stay in the hair. Knowing when to use more products or change products is another Natural Hair Curls issue. Also, consider it could be a matter of understand how to use your products. When the hair is short-to-medium length, you may find that the products you use are working well. But as time goes on, you may find that your hair doesn't respond the same as before. No alarm! It's just time to upgrade to a heavier product or use more of the same product. The longer the hair, the greater the investment...and you are worth it!

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A common mistake made with Natural Hair Curls is over combing or not combing out thoroughly. Over combing is when you comb your hair every day to reset the style for the next day. This process is time-consuming and puts you at risk of stunting your hair growth. Instead of stressing out the hair daily, try a set that will allow you to let the hair rest for several days in between resetting it again. Many use wide-toothed combs on their Natural Hair Curls, but be careful not to skip over areas at the base of the scalp. When you miss these areas it can form locks in the hair, which eventually are pulled out in patches as knots. If you wet and air dry your Natural Hair Curls daily, you should only comb your hair out thoroughly once a week with a conditioner in. This step will give your hair rest and help it to grow better. Regularly combing your Natural Hair Curls while the hair is dry causes breakage. 

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